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The Building Process

Construction of a home is a complex and lengthy process requiring numerous decisions and the coordinating of many different trades. To make this as comfortable for you as possible, we will keep you informed of the progress of your home's construction. Of course, you may contact us at any time with questions or concerns.


  1. Lot Selection - You may select a lot in one of our communities, or we will build on property that you already own.
  2. Mortgage and Loan Application - You may obtain financing through your own lending institution. However, in our experience, working with a lender who is familiar with new construction is beneficial to both you and your builder. Please consider one of our preferred lenders.
  3. Mortgage Approval - Provide DreamWork Builders with a written loan commitment from your mortgage lender.
  4. Building Agreement - A building agreement outlining the build job details and costs must be signed by both the customer and DreamWork Builders.
  5. Title Insurance - Title insurance will automatically be issued as your mortgage is processed. DreamWork Builders works directly with the Land Title Company in Brighton.
  6. Final Plan Approval - It is important that you identify all of your final requirements before the final plan is approved. You may work with our architects to discuss any requirement changes. Certain changes that affect the size and shape of your home's footprint can not be changed after this point.
  7. Custom Options - Because DreamWork Builders wants to make certain that your new home is exactly what you have "dreamed" about, we allow you to select from the following custom options. Click on an option to view our preferred suppliers.

    Be aware that if your selections cost less than the allotted allowance you will be credited; if your selections cost more than the allotted allowance you will be charged the difference. All extras must be paid in full at time of request for work to be performed. In addition, a change order request must be signed by both the customer and builder.

    It is your responsibility to ask the suppliers for the costs before ordering.

Construction Schedule and Selection Deadlines

We are aware that you will be interested in virtually every aspect of the construction of your home. If you wish to view the construction on-site, we will be happy to escort you through the home. Please understand that our insurance precludes you from inspecting the home unless accompanied by a DreamWork Builders employee.

The following is the typical construction schedule including the deadlines for making your custom option selections:

  1. Permits Application
    1. Select windows and exterior doors
    2. Select door hardware and hinge color
  2. Excavation and Foundation
    1. Clear lot and remove trees (as necessary)
    2. Stake lot and foundation
    3. Dig foundation
    4. Pour basement wall footings
    5. Damp proof basement walls and install drain tile
    6. Backfill
  3. Framing and Enclosing
    1. Install rim and floor joists
    2. Erect exterior walls
    3. Select exterior brick/stone
    4. Select roofing
    5. Select exterior paint colors
    6. Erect interior walls
    7. Set roof trusses and lay roof deck
    8. Install exterior windows and doors
    9. Paint trim
    10. Paint or stain siding
    11. Install roof shingles
    12. Select cabinets and layout
    13. Select appliances
    14. Select plumbing fixtures
  4. Rough-in of Mechanical Systems
    1. Rough-in heating
    2. Rough-in plumbing
    3. Select lighting fixtures and layout
    4. Rough-in electrical
    5. Rough-in cable, telephone, and high-speed data
    6. Rough-in sound, alarm, and intercom systems
    7. Connect utilities
    8. Pour basement and garage concrete
  5. Interior Wall Finishing
    1. Install insulation
    2. Install sheetrock
    3. Tape and finish sheetrock
    4. Select garage doors
    5. Select marble, tile, and hardwood flooring (if field-finished)
    6. Select countertops
    7. Select interior trim (crown, chair, wainscoting, etc.)
    8. Select interior doors
    9. Select stair systems
  6. First Interior Trim
    1. Install ceramic tile and marble
    2. Select hardwood flooring (if prefinished)
    3. Install hardwood flooring
    4. Install interior millwork and cabinets
    5. Install countertops
    6. Select interior paint colors
    7. Paint interior
    8. Select shower doors and mirrors
    9. Select carpet
    10. Finish plumbing
    11. Finish heat
    12. Finish electrical
  7. Second Interior Trim
    1. Install shower doors and mirrors
    2. Install carpet
    3. Clean interior
  8. Exterior Completion
    1. Clean yard
    2. Final grade
    3. Install driveway
    4. Landscaping

Note: Construction schedule can be modified at builder's discretion to facilitate construction efficiency.


  1. Closing - Congratulations! We hope your new home is everything you have "dreamed" of.
  2. Move in - Start living your "dream"!
  3. Home warranty period - Your home comes with a builder's home warranty, and we pride ourselves in making sure you are completely satisfied during the construction process and after.